Say goodbye to thin hair: It's time to thicken them up properly!

Say goodbye to thin hair: It's time to thicken them up properly!


Are you tired of hairstyles that don't stay in place? Why suffer when there are so many ways to thicken your hair beautifully, quickly, and without pain!

Thick, healthy hair is widely regarded as a symbol of beauty. However, not everyone can boast an amazing, naturally thick head of hair. Fortunately, those who have been disappointed by nature can help themselves in other ways. Stop thinning hair with special hair care and the use of appropriate products.

Do you know how your hair will be permanently thick and beautiful? There are several ways to do this and we are happy to share them with you.

You can immediately thicken fine hair

A quick and easy way to thicken fine hair effortlessly is with special hair products containing keratin. Hair thickeners come in a variety of forms - sprays or powders - and are popular around the world. Celebrities, who cannot be without thick hair, also have many keratin product enthusiasts.

The application is very simple - microfibers made of keratin, the material from which hair is also made, are applied directly to thinner areas all over the surface of the head. Hair thickeners are great first aid - whether your scalp is visible or you want to cover thinning areas, corners and other areas without hair.

Shampoos for hair thickening

In addition to gentle hair combing and drying, the basis for hair thickening is well-chosen hair care. And since the most commonly used product for most of us is shampoo, it depends on its correct selection. Use only gentle products with extra ingredients to support hair growth and prevent hair loss when washing thin hair. Pay attention to whether the shampoo contains:

  • Amino acids - L-arginine, taurine, and L-cysteine act on hair roots and expand them. This results in the production of thicker and stronger hair.
  • Biotin - a substance renowned for its beneficial effects on hair health from the roots. Healthy roots produce strong and thicker hair, which creates a thickening effect with regular long-term use.
  • Copper peptides - these are substances that gradually expand hair roots, which then affects the density and thickness of the hair.

Extra products for thin hair

Very thin hair can reliably be thickened with special conditioners and gels that coat the hair with a transparent layer that emphasizes the elasticity of the hair. This makes the hair appear thicker and denser. The advantage of this type of thickening of fine hair is the quick and easy application, which you can do comfortably at home whenever you need it. This method of thickening is particularly appreciated by those of you whose thin hair grows evenly throughout the length.

Don't forget to include hair serums and activators in your regular hair care routine. They are effective products that naturally promote hair growth. The miraculous ingredient procyanidin has a positive effect on increasing the width of the hair itself, resulting in an optically denser volume on your head.

Thickening with artificial or natural hair

For those who are not sufficiently helped by targeted hair care, there are other ways to thicken thin hair. A very popular option is to attach artificial or natural hair, so called hair extensions, to your own hair. This is a highly effective method with a maximally natural resulting effect that millions of women love.

The disadvantage of this method of thickening hair can be the higher cost and regular visits of the hair salon, where the hair is adjusted from time to time. You may also find it necessary to be extra careful when combing and manipulating your hair to avoid loosening the attached hair.

Professional help for fine and thin hair

The highest level of help for thickening hair is modern medicine in combination with top-of-the-line cosmetics, which has reached a level where substances that strengthen roots and expand them can be added to hair loss prevention products. A wider root can produce a thicker hair, resulting in denser and healthier hair.

The advantage of this method of thickening hair is its lasting effect, while the disadvantage may be the longer time it takes for the effect of thicker hair to fully manifest.

Caring for thinning hair from the inside

As with everything, good hair care requires nourishing the hair from the inside out. Only hair that lacks no vitamins and minerals is healthy hair. Therefore, don't forget to regularly supplement your necessary nutrients and feed your hair from the inside with natural supplements for growth, shine, and hair density.


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