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Vitamíny vo forme gumíkov na podporu imunity


Boost your immunity whether it's spring or fall. Reliable mixture enriched with unique manuka honey and an extra dose of vitamin C. Your immune system will thank you later.
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It's IMMUNITY BOOST o'clock is a nutritional supplement containing vitamin C, minerals, zinc, selenium and unique manuka honey.

Gelatin made from fruit pectin
Tangerine flavor
With Manuka honey
Ingredients in 2 gummy candy

Ingredients in 1 gummy candy

 (3 g): sweetener (glucose syrup, sugar), water, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), fruit juice concentrate, gelling agent (pectin E-440), zinc citrate, maltodextrin, manuka honey, citric acid E-330 (acid), trisodium citrate E-331 (acidity regulator), vegetable oil (coconut), natural flavor (tangerine), paprika extract E-160c (color), carnauba wax E-903 (anti-caking agent), sodium selenite

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